Syntax of Java 5 Vs ActionScript 3

Chanced upon this very useful post by Yakov fain from Farata Systems

“Comparing the syntax of Java 5 and ActionScript 3”

Its a long list to be included in this post, but the list is worth going through. Now this gives me a better reason to taste java fx also, slurp..


Recursive XML parsing in Flex

When I had to parse a long book.xml for CD Splitter tool I was working on recently, I had a hard time to get the xml parsed effectively and with minimum code lines.  And I was hell bent, that i’ll not bother the good old friend google for this. Finally, after few attempts I got the solution.

private function onTemplateXMLLoad(event:ResultEvent):void




private function parseTemplateXML(objXML:XML):void


if(objXML != null)


for each(var item:XML in objXML.children())


// trace("hasComplexContent*** : "+item.hasComplexContent());



// recursive call





// this is the node value you are seeking





Video: Flex Best Practices – Guys Don’t miss it

Best Practices in Flex a presentation by James Ward. Check this article for this is a treasure. Infact in one of my official projects (We are developing & deploying a Flex Application on Salesforce platform), I have to document Best Practices for both Flex and Salesforce API and this will be a great help.

You can also download the “Best Practices” power point slides.

GEMVC ActionScript Framework edges over Cairngorm

The GEMVC ActionScript framework is used for developing Flex applications in Johnson Space Center’s Altair Lunar Lander project. Christopher Dean, the solution architect who created GEMVC, is also the chief scientist for the extensible information model (XIM) program for the Altair Lunar Lander project. check the full article on InfoQ

Mumbai Scarred & Wounded

Still Burning, Still Shining...

Still Burning, Still Shining...

Mumbai had taken lot of terror brunt in the past, but this will be the most deadliest and ugly spat in history of this city of opportunities. Not only dreams were mercilessly shattered but the very eyes which nurtered them were closed forever. Words cannot describe the tragedy and grief of all those who experienced this nightmare.

This makes me think that we are still in the era of barbarians and war lords. The human psyche is the same except for the fact instead of swords, we use AK 47 and automatic machine guns. Where will this lead us to…”No Answers”.  My thoughts and prayers with the families of who suffered so much.

Runtime Localization in flex

I hit upon quite interesting links on how to achieve localization in Flex. The best article to refer for multilingual support in Flex is “Runtime Localization” by Gordon Smith featured on Adobe Labs, Click here

Some of the other good reads are as follows:

Flex provides a very robust and dynamic way to achieve this. Try it yourself.

Workaround for Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert mx.utils

When I gave my first flexool build to Zoltan, he reported 2 erros and one of them was “TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert mx.utils::ObjectProxy@6380a19 to mx.collections.ArrayCollection”.

Not a familiar one for me. So I checked the engine I sent him on my machine. It was working fine without error. the i googled and found the reason behind this.  It happens when there is only 1 single node in the xml flex is trying to load. So it is returned as an ObjectProxy instead of an Array and the error pops up. Perhaps a bug with flex.

See the solution here:

It solved my problem. thanks tekati