CD Splitter


This tool can split CD assets in 2 equal parts by creating 2 CDs say CD 1 & CD2 out of a single CD and distributing all the necessary assets required for each of these child CDs and including them in the child Cd folders.

Technology used: Flex, Cairngorm Pattern, AIR

How it works:

Inputs  required:

  1. Full path of the Parent CD folder
  2. Full path of the EXE file contained in Parent CD
  3. Full path of the Target CD folder (Place where the user wishes the child cds should get created)
  4. Full path of the Book XML file contained in Parent CD


  • It parses the book xml and divides in 2 book xmls each for the child CDs
  • In each book xml there are chapters and each chapter is linked to a chapter xml. This chpater xml contains the path of all assets required for that chapter to play.
  • Next step is to load & parse all Chapter xmls and store asset paths
  • Once we have all the asset file paths (which include images, audio files ie mp3, flv files, xmls, pdfs etc) the work left is to copy the common files in both child CDs and copy the respective asset files from the Parent Cd to the respective child Cds.
  • Creates the necessary folders (using AIR)
  • Copies the common asset files like .exe files, xmls, txt files, etc in child CD folders (using AIR)
  • Once the Cds are copied it is again ready to split another CD.
  • There’s a log provided at the bottom which describes all the steps being carried out in chronological order




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