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Add cool effects in Flex 4!

Flex 4 (Gumbo) is real Jumbo in sheer power and the new features. Firstly, good news for developers out there, Coding in Flash Builder is a delight. There are so many new attractions viz a viz

  • You get a more descriptive Code Help with detail window showing the heirrachy of the attribute or object you would be adding. Check the screenshots below.
  • A whole new MXML with jarring things filtered out and keeping only the most essential ones.
  • You can’t put styles in the MXML tags now…it has to be a class and added in stylename attrb
  • Overall change of Layout containers and other components
  • By default the boring blue background in Flex 3 is not there anymore…

The only way to experience all the above goodies is to download the Flash Builder Beta and dive right in….

Chk this small example using the Flex documentation help out there…just scratched some surface 🙂

Flex 4 Source Edtior View


10 Ways to Improve Your Code on

Watch this awesome presentation by Neal Ford an architect at ThoughtWorks on How you can improve your coding style and ATTITUDE…in 10 most useful ways. Infact, this is a must have potion for any developer and a Code loving guy…

Download the entire presentation in PDF format. 

Get the preview of topics covered in the presentation. Courtesy :


Composed Method

  • Divide your program into methods that perform one identifiable task.
  • Keep all of the operations in a method at the same level of abstraction.
  • This will naturally result in programs with many small methods, each a few lines long.

TDD – stands mostly for test-driven development but can also be viewed as test-driven design.

  • When one uses TDD, he starts thinking about the consumer of the code he is writing. This brings awareness on how his code is going to be used by another.
  • It forces the developer to mock dependent objects, resulting in a clearer picture of the relationship between the objects.
  • TDD encourages the creation of composed methods.

Static Analysis

  • It is quite useful to use tools like FindBugs which analyzes the bytecode to discover bugs.

Good Citizenship – refers to the way classes should react to one another

  • Singletons are a bad choice because they have mixed responsibilities and are not testable. They are the objectual correspondents of global variables.
  • The proposed solution is to create a regular POJO and use a factory to make sure that only one instance gets created.

YAGNI – You Ain’t Gonna Need It

  • One should write only the code that is used now.
  • Avoid speculative development which increases the software entropy of a code.
  • Top 10 Corporate Code Smells:

Question Authority – Some things should not be done just because that is the custom.

Single Level of Abstraction Principle – everything should be at the same level of abstraction

  • All lines of code in a method should be at the same level of abstraction

Polyglot Programming – use the best language for the problem while maintaining the same platform (JVM/.NET)

Learn Every Nuance – developers benefit from learning nuances of their language

Use the Anti-Objects Pattern – “an anti-object is a kind of object that appears to essentially do the opposite of what we generally think the object should be doing.”

Mumbai Scarred & Wounded

Still Burning, Still Shining...

Still Burning, Still Shining...

Mumbai had taken lot of terror brunt in the past, but this will be the most deadliest and ugly spat in history of this city of opportunities. Not only dreams were mercilessly shattered but the very eyes which nurtered them were closed forever. Words cannot describe the tragedy and grief of all those who experienced this nightmare.

This makes me think that we are still in the era of barbarians and war lords. The human psyche is the same except for the fact instead of swords, we use AK 47 and automatic machine guns. Where will this lead us to…”No Answers”.  My thoughts and prayers with the families of who suffered so much.