Add cool effects in Flex 4!

Flex 4 (Gumbo) is real Jumbo in sheer power and the new features. Firstly, good news for developers out there, Coding in Flash Builder is a delight. There are so many new attractions viz a viz

  • You get a more descriptive Code Help with detail window showing the heirrachy of the attribute or object you would be adding. Check the screenshots below.
  • A whole new MXML with jarring things filtered out and keeping only the most essential ones.
  • You can’t put styles in the MXML tags now…it has to be a class and added in stylename attrb
  • Overall change of Layout containers and other components
  • By default the boring blue background in Flex 3 is not there anymore…

The only way to experience all the above goodies is to download the Flash Builder Beta and dive right in….

Chk this small example using the Flex documentation help out there…just scratched some surface 🙂

Flex 4 Source Edtior View


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