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How to get Scrollbar for Constraint based Containers

A quickie out here…In a recent project I am working on (Tryptich ebook reader in flex)..For the Demo part we had a requirement where in I had to insert this long image in a Vbox with width 100% and height 100%..The image got loaded but no scroll was there…Since it was all 100% …as expected the image squashed itself to fit in that 100%…I googled and found a cool solution (thanks to the guy who figured it out) Well, you just mention minHeight in the container which hosts the image and there you get the scrollbar by magic…

No time for details but do check the code below for reference…

<mx:VBox width=”100%” height=”100%” paddingLeft=”7″ paddingRight=”7″
    paddingBottom=”7″ paddingTop=”3″ horizontalScrollPolicy=”off”>
  <mx:VBox horizontalScrollPolicy=”off” verticalScrollPolicy=”on”
    styleName=”mainVBoxWhite” width=”100%” height=”100%” minHeight=”0″ minWidth=”0″>
          <mx:Image id=”ttContent” source=”assets/pages/ch1_1.gif” complete=”loadComplete(event);” />


Use WebServices in Flex4

Taking cue from a very good tutorial  from, I made a small app in Flex4. My fisrt official app in Flex4 using Flash Builder. I’ve used a public webservice to fetch quotes based on topics. There’s a combo box populated with some topics. When you click a certain topic, the webservice uses another method to fetch the “quotes” on that topic. Pretty simple…Now, what’s different here…..anybody can do it in Flex2 or 3…Well, I used the new “Connect to Web Service” feature where in I added the webservice URL and Voila…I get some pre cooked code out there……I just have to strategise my app and not worry about the nitty gritty of code…Its kind of cool wherein you have to get in some quick plug in or small handy componenent…..

Thanks to Fortune Web Service

Here’s the DEMO version…(a bug – However I could not fire the call intially and get the quote when the app loads….will figure it out..)

and here’s the SourceCode to get going…

Parting Note: Flex 4 generated SWF files are much more heavier than Flex 3 SWF files. So Flex 4 SWF file for this Demo is 1.31 MB and its Flex 3 counterpart is only 433 KB, which makes Flex 4 SWF file approx 3 times heavier….Somebody listening…? A heavy price for all those jazzy effects and sleek shadows…

An Update: the DEMO just not might work as there’s some crossdomain.xml (Darn! I hate it) issue…Will fix it soon..

Add cool effects in Flex 4!

Flex 4 (Gumbo) is real Jumbo in sheer power and the new features. Firstly, good news for developers out there, Coding in Flash Builder is a delight. There are so many new attractions viz a viz

  • You get a more descriptive Code Help with detail window showing the heirrachy of the attribute or object you would be adding. Check the screenshots below.
  • A whole new MXML with jarring things filtered out and keeping only the most essential ones.
  • You can’t put styles in the MXML tags now…it has to be a class and added in stylename attrb
  • Overall change of Layout containers and other components
  • By default the boring blue background in Flex 3 is not there anymore…

The only way to experience all the above goodies is to download the Flash Builder Beta and dive right in….

Chk this small example using the Flex documentation help out there…just scratched some surface 🙂

Flex 4 Source Edtior View