Line Chart Graph in Flex

Recently, I created a small Line chart Tool, which is deployed on one of our projects on This graph draws a line chart curve when the data changes dynamically. I had real fun working 0n this small app.Once again, MVC pattern made it real easy, as I had my Model class binded to my view. The data gets updated in the model class, thus changing the graph dynamically… There are many other features such as Fullscreen view on doubleclick. Checkboxes to set the curve visibility on and off, etc.

For preview, I uploaded an intial prototype of the application. click here

Well, I wish I could have shared the source code also.

Line Chart Graph in Flex

Line Chart Graph in Flex


2 responses to “Line Chart Graph in Flex

  1. this is really coool… do share more such stuff..

  2. I have doubt in Flex,

    I want to make the some boxes with positions in Chart.

    is it possible,


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